• Student Behavior

    A primary responsibility of Northbrook School District 28 is to provide a safe and cooperative learning environment for all children. It is important that all students of Northbrook School District 28 respect themselves, respect all others, and respect property. Students have the responsibility to know and adhere to the rules and regulations of the school.

    Most behavior problems can be handled routinely through classroom and school programs. Student discipline is considered to be a learning experience. The focus is on helping the students to develop internal controls that allow them to make good choices in a variety of situations.

    Efforts, including the use of early intervention and progressive discipline, shall be made to deter students from engaging in inappropriate behaviors at school, at school-related events on or off-site including but not limited to buses or field trips.

    For those incidents where students do not respond appropriately, disciplinary actions must be taken to help correct unacceptable behavior patterns. Minor infractions may be treated flexibly, depending on the circumstances, while non-negotiable consequences are set for serious offenses. The administration will work with police and other legal authorities as necessary.

    In all levels, the selection of discipline and interventions will reflect the consideration of circumstances, and the following may be considered: the student’s age; ability-functioning level; the seriousness of the offense; frequency of inappropriate behavior; circumstances and intent; potential effect of the misconduct on the school environment; and the relationship of the behavior to any disabling condition.

    District 28 is committed to ensuring a safe and caring learning environment, which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all.

    Discipline of students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) regulations involves a system of balances between the student’s procedural safeguards and the school district’s interest in maintaining efficient and safe educational programs and environments.