Code of Conduct/Student Behavior

  • Northbrook District 28 staff, parents, board members, and administrators have developed a district-wide discipline framework – The Northbrook District 28 Code of Conduct and Discipline. The administration works closely with staff to ensure that a safe and productive school atmosphere is maintained. School personnel are available to meet with parents and may initiate contact with parents when a child has serious or repeated difficulties following school expectations. Teachers and administrators will use the Northbrook District 28 Code of Conduct and Discipline when discipline issues arise.

    Rights and Responsibilities

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • I have the right to expect:

    • An environment where I can learn.
    • That I will be respected by others.
    • To be listened to and be heard.
    • To be myself.
    • To feel safe.
    • To be safe.
    • That my property is safe and that I will be allowed to use school property to help me learn.
    • To learn.
  • I have the responsibility to:

    • Come to school prepared and ready to learn.
    • Act in a way that allows others to learn.
    • Show respect for other people's feelings in what I say, how I speak and how I act.
    • Be honest and speak with respectful words and tone.
    • Appreciate others' differences in culture, gender, race, religion, language and age.
    • Follow school rules.
    • Act in a way that will not hurt other people on the inside or the outside.
    • Respect and care for the property of others and the school.
    • Do my own schoolwork, pay attention in class, work with peers and ask for help when I don't understand.