• The district provides at least 30 minutes of supervised, unstructured, child-directed play time for all students in grades K-5 in any school day that is 5 clock hours or longer in length, and play time for at of the total time for attendance for any school day that is less than 5 clock hours in length. The district does not allow the withholding of play time as a disciplinary or punitive action, except when a student’s participation in play time poses an immediate thread to the safety of the student or others.

    Outdoor Recess Rules for Students

    • Stay in sight of supervisors at all times.
    • Cooperative play is expected.
    • Playground equipment is to be used appropriately.
    • The throwing of sand, wood chips, dirt, snow, or any harmful object is prohibited.
    • Line up in a safe and orderly manner when the bell or whistle sounds.
    • Dress appropriately for the playground. Wear snow pants and boots when the weather dictates.
    • Only students wearing snow pants and boots will be allowed to play in the snow.
    • Your words and language should be appropriate for the school environment.
    • Everyone who follows the rules may play/participate.
    • Play games fairly by following agreed-upon rules.
    • Solve problems outside with the help of a supervisor.
    • The discretion of the playground supervisor shall be respected.
    • Stay within established playground boundaries.
    • Stay within the assigned area during indoor recess.