Enrollment Procedures

  • (Refer to Board Policies 7:50 and 7:60) 

    All students attending District 28 schools must reside within the District’s boundaries. New families may contact the School Administrative Assistant or the District Office to begin the enrollment process. Families who cannot establish residency by the first day of school may be eligible for delayed residency and should contact the Superintendent.

    According to The School Code, a resident child who moves from the school district during the school year is permitted to complete the school year. The District does not accept non-resident students or tuition students. 

    When a student’s change of residence is due to the military service obligation of the student’s legal custodian, the student’s residence is deemed to be unchanged for the duration of the custodian’s military service obligation if the student’s custodian made a written request. The District, however, is not responsible for the student’s transportation to or from school. If, at the time of enrollment, a dependent child of military personnel is housed in temporary housing located outside of the District, but will be living within the District within 60 days after the time of initial enrollment, the child is allowed to enroll, subject to the requirements of State law, and must not be charged tuition. 

    Delayed Residency

    It is the intent of the District to provide an opportunity for parent(s)/guardian(s) who are moving into the District during the first trimester to enroll their children at the beginning of the school year if the parents provide the required documentation and a guarantee deposit in the amount of one-third of the yearly tuition as documented in the district’s annual financial report. The District will return the deposit if the family permanently moves into the designated residence within the first trimester. A similar agreement for the second trimester is contingent upon the Superintendent’s approval.

    Please refer to policy 7:60 for complete details or contact the business office.

    Admission Procedure

    All students must register for school each year on the dates and at the place designated by the Superintendent. Parents/guardians of students enrolling in the District for the first time must present:

    1. A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate. If a birth certificate is not presented, the Superintendent or designee shall notify in writing the person enrolling the student that within 30 days he or she must provide a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate. A student will be enrolled without a birth certificate. When a certified copy of the birth certificate is presented, the school shall promptly make a copy for its records, place the copy in the student’s temporary record, and return the original to the person enrolling the child. If a person enrolling a student fails to provide a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate, the Superintendent or designee shall immediately notify the local law enforcement agency and shall also notify the person enrolling the student in writing that, unless he or she complies within 10 days, the case will be referred to the local law enforcement authority for investigation. If compliance is not obtained within that 10-day period, the Superintendent or designee shall so refer the case. The Superintendent or designee shall immediately report to the local law enforcement authority any material received pursuant to this paragraph that appears inaccurate or suspicious in form or content.
    2. Proof of residence, as required by Board policy 7:60, Residence.
    3. Proof of disease immunization, or detection, and the required physical examination, as required by state law and Board policy 7:100, Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations, Immunizations, and Exclusion of Students.

    The individual enrolling a student shall be given the opportunity to voluntarily state whether the student has a parent or guardian who is a member of a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and who is either deployed to active duty or expects to be deployed to active duty during the school year.

    Homeless Children

    Any homeless child shall be immediately admitted, even if the child’s parent/guardian is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment. Board policy 6:140, Education of Homeless Children, and its implementing administrative procedure govern the enrollment of homeless children.