• Communication is essential to building a strong, positive home/school partnership. All staff members have a phone extension/voice mailbox from which they can retrieve messages. Please refer to your District 28 directory or the district website for a listing of staff phone extensions. Each staff member also has an e-mail address. Most often, the e-mail address is the first initial of the first name and the last name followed by “@”. Parents are invited to call a teacher directly or write a note if they have information or concerns to share. Please call the office with emergency message; such messages should not be left on voice mail or e-mail as teachers may not have an opportunity to review their messages until after school.

    We will use email weekly to inform parents of upcoming events. Please keep us informed of any changes to your email. If you are not receiving weekly emails from the principal, please contact the office.

    After School Plans

    Social arrangements and plans for after school may only be made at home between parent and child. The office staff cannot be responsible for communicating after-school plans to students. Plans not arranged before the student leaves for school must wait until the child returns home. Parents are asked to send a note with their children anytime there are alternate after-school plans. Children who do not normally ride the bus will not be permitted to ride home with a friend on the bus. Children who have a bus pass can switch routes for special occasions.