• 66th annual wreath & coffee sale

  • 🎵 2022 Wreath & Coffee Sale

    Hello music families! We kick off our MPC Wreath Sale today!

    Please know that in addition to the many enrichment activities paid for by this fundraiser, funds from prior sales have been able to support the program and families in need with over $27,000 in COVID Relief Funds. Thank you in advance for making a difference in music and the lives it touches.

    Just like last year, we have developed a customizable brochure that you can print at home, and after registering, direct your customers to order online and credit your student musician during the online checkout. If you’re not able to print brochures at home your student can pick up some during rehearsals.

    📆 Important Dates

    The sale is ongoing through Friday, November 4th.

    Pick Up Orders: Village Green - Nov 18th - 20th from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m daily.

    🌟 Get Started

    Participants earn $5 of Prize Store Money for every $75 sold!

    To get started, please see below!

    1. Register as a participant (like last year) on https://ifund4.us/nb28.

    2. Start selling! Accept orders via check/cash as usual and enter your customer's orders online. Place funds received in an envelope with your student's name on it and return your funds to a music director or the MPC school mailbox before Nov 7th..

    3. To promote the sale "door to door", print out 15+ customizable brochures (below) and place them in neighbors' mailboxes/doors... or catch them while they’re home and help them order right in front of you! Text https://ifund4.us/nb28 to anyone and let them know to select your student and that you'll deliver their order.

      📺 Watch these incredible students from D28 as they teach you the art of door-to-door sales and win prizes!

    🚩 New this year! Purchase your “Student Musician Lives Here Yard Sign” as part of the fundraiser. It’s an item on the site - just add one to your order! If you want one earlier, fill out this form and come to the MPC meeting!


    1. Go to this document

    2. Confirm you want to make a copy.

    3. From the copy, click "Insert Photo Here"

    4. Once highlighted, choose "Replace Image" and use one of the options to insert a photo of your student musician.

    5. After getting the photo you want, if it's not perfectly in the supplied area, choose "Rotate Image" (if needed) and then "Crop Image" to drag the image around to make it fit in the black (crop) box. Feel free to customize more if you have the time/expertise!

    6. Print and have your musician handwrite their name and phone for an added, cute, personalized effect.

    I'm sure there will be questions so just ask! Ask me or anyone on the MPC for help.

    Thank you for your continued support,
    Abe Reese
    Music Parents Club
    abereese@gmail.com | 847-644-3248