Expectations for Video Conferencing

  • Remote Learning Academy

    Expectations When Video Conferencing

    During the use of live video conferencing instruction, we expect students, parents, and other household members to respect the privacy of others by not taking pictures or recording the session; this includes not taking screenshots during a Zoom meeting. Just as recording would not be allowed in a physical classroom, recording is not allowed in a virtual classroom.

    In addition, students should use proper online etiquette, including muting themselves when they are not talking and taking turns so that everyone can participate in the discussion. When the session is over, students must close out the app once the teacher has ended the session.

    Most importantly, students need to be kind and respectful during the live video conferencing session. The district may record video instruction for viewing by students who were unable to attend the live session. Such videos may not be downloaded, reproduced, or copied, in whole or in part, by any person.