Student Search Engines

  • The following are search engines for you to use while looking for information.  Search engines allow you to search for information and websites on many topics.  Please remember to evaluate websites before using information from them.  Especially, look for authority, bias, and currency. If you find something that is inappropriate for you, please hit the back button, and tell an adult. 

    Fact Monster logo Fact Monster is a complete reference desk in one place including encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, and more.

    Infoplease logo  Infoplease provides a quick and easy reference site for kids to find information from anything ranging from what the tallest building in the world is to how hot it can get in Zimbabwe.

    Info.jpg  Infotopia provides trusted websites selected by teachers and librarians.

    Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 10.50.20 AM.png Kidtopia is a Google custom search engine of selected sites made by teachers and librarians.

    ss_new_logo_300_thumb.gif  Sweet Search is a search engine that only includes sites that have been reviewed by a team of librarians, teachers, and research experts. Give it a try!