News Websites

  • These news websites are great places to get information on important issues in the news and to find out about interesting things that are happening around the world today.

    They are all free, so please be aware of content that is paid advertising, or clicking on links that take you to other sites. As always check for the ABC's (authority, bias, and currency) when using information from these sites.


    Newsela is a great source for newspaper articles
    that are edited and rewritten at different reading levels. The site's content is provided by various news organizations including The New York Times, The Associated Press, and many other highly rated news organizations. 

     DOGO News DOGO News has short format articles for kids on current events, science, sports and more, plus lots of pictures, videos and an interactive map!


    Tween Tribune

    Tween Tribune is an interactive site from Smithsonian that features news content for grades 5-8 in science, history and current events. Pick the reading level that is right for you.

    Tween Junior

    Tween Tribune Junior is just like Tween Tribune but for students in grades K-4. 

    Time for Kids 

    Time for Kids offers news articles on many topics, including the country, the world, animals and school-related issues.

     Chicago Tribune


    Chicago Tribune
     includes news about Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Find all the local information that you need right here. See today's edition or search for articles from the past year.