• Math Pathway Plan Will Expand Opportunities for Junior High Students

    A change in course pathways will be phased in beginning in the 2020-21 school year at NBJH.

    The change would allow for two levels of accelerated learning in addition to the core grade-level pathway. The junior high previously had one accelerated pathway and one grade-level pathway.

    The three-pathway plan would add a single accelerated path to prepare students for one high-school level math class, algebra, in 8th grade. A new course will be developed to start acceleration in sixth grade instead of seventh grade, which is the current practice. The double accelerated pathway is what currently exists to prepare students for two high-school-level classes; algebra in 7th grade and geometry in 8th grade. 

    “Our number-one goal is to make sure all kids are in the right course receiving the right amount of challenge,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kris Raitzer.

    Students will be placed based on their assessment data, teacher recommendation and parent recommendation. There will always be room for exceptions, which can occur along the way from teacher or parent recommendations, Dr. Raitzer said.



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