• 2019-20 Projects

    The Navigate 28 Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board of Education in April 2018, outlines a refreshed Mission, Vision and five Goals to lead the district for the next three to five years. Below are the five goal areas,  and a link to the plan of work for the 2019-20 school year.

    Goal 1  

    GOAL #1 Student Growth & Achievement

    Foster ongoing growth, development, and achievement for all students. 

    1.1 Build and strengthen students’ abilities in critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creation through deep learning of content and effective use of technology.

    1.2 Use a balanced assessment system to guide and individualize instruction.

    1.3 Continuously improve a comprehensive curriculum that is accessible to all learners, prepares them for global citizenship, and empowers them with the knowledge and skills to be engaged learners.

    Goal 1 2019-20 Year-End Report 


     Goal 2

    Goal #2 Learning Environment 

    Provide a supportive culture through a safe, nurturing, and innovative learning environment. 

    1.1 Emphasize the impact of diverse needs and social-emotional learning on student success.

    1.2 Ensure flexible use of time and dynamic, physical learning environments to promote innovative teaching practices and learning experiences.

    Goal 2 2019-20 Year-End Report

     Goal 3  

    GOAL #3 Work Environment

    Nurture a collaborative culture where staff is valued, empowered, and committed to continuous improvement. 

    1.1 Design and implement learning opportunities that will ensure staff acquires and utilize the essential skills, tools, strategies, and processes to optimize learning for all students.

    1.2 Use the strategic plan to focus the district’s resources, prioritize improvement initiatives, and guide the work of learning teams.

    Goal 3 2019-20 Year-End Report

     goal 4


    Goal #4 Family & Community Connections

    Partner with families and our larger community to support student success. 

    1.1 Engage businesses, agencies, families, and community members as partners in supporting the mission of the district.

    1.2 Collaborate with the high school and its feeder districts to promote effective transitions from elementary to middle to high school.

    Goal 4 2019-20 Year-End Report

      Goal 5

    Goal #5 Resources

    Ensure effective and efficient use of our resources in achieving the district’s mission, vision, values, and goals. 

    1.1Steward the district’s resources to ensure funding is available to maintain and enhance instructional programs and facilities.

    Goal 5 2019-20 Year-End Report