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  • 65th Annual Wreath and coffee sale

    The 65th Annual Wreath and Coffee Sale

    This fundraiser makes many of the out-of-classroom memories our kids have in music possible. Without the funds it has provided over the years, continuing music during COVID would have been very difficult. Instead, the funds from this fundraiser supported over $18,000 in COVID relief funds for District 28 Music Families. It paid for special masks, instrumental rentals, private lessons and more to keep the district’s standard of music excellence high. Normally, it pays for field trips, guest conductors, uniforms and so, so, much more.

    Order online, or with your favorite band, orchestra or choral student.

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  • Public Health Resources

    The Illinois Department of Public Health published a comprehensive list of resources for mental health and crisis support, violence prevention, intervention support and reporting of child abuse or abuse of an older adult or adult with a disability. 

    View the list

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  • Please Bring a Mask

    Please be sure to bring a mask when dropping off or picking up your child. There will likely be a time when you will be within 6 feet of others during arrival or dismissal and would need to wear a mask. Thanks for helping to keep our community safe.

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